Közép-Magyarországi Pincegazdaság Kft.

Our company

Our company was established in 1997 as a successor of our family undertaking.

Our main activity, as one of the most dominant grape engrossers of the Kunság Region, is producing 6-8 litres of wine and selling it.

You can find our wine in the eastern part of the European Union. As we are a supplier and a partner of several companies and multi national companies in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, you can buy our wine almost everywhere.

Our products represent the work of the farmers in the Hungarian Plain; you can find blue Frankish, zweigelt, Riesling-sylvaner, cserszegi fűszeres and ezerjó in our special assortment.

Our creed
We wish to compete with the world’s greatest wine producers as an equal partner, and our aim is fulfilled if the costumers buy our products, that make holiday occasions and friends dinner special.

Our technology
Our objective is to make progress by considering the development of the modern world, but trying to preserve our own habits and special methods.

Our plans
Our future aim is to take part in as many competitions as possible, and to raise our fame.

Our achievements in regional wine contests:
- International kadarka festival 2005: golden medallion; 2006 silver medallion with the highest score of the wine region
- Danube wine region 2006: 2 golden and 2 silver medallion
- Village wine competitions: 1997: 17 golden, 19 silver medallion, and besides several tributes, we deserved the title of the year’s red wine as well in 2006.
- Country rose wine contest on Miklós Day: 9 golden medallions
- In 2012, 2013, 2014 our blue Frankish rose got the wine of KECEL village title.

I hope we managed to awaken your interest with our short introduction, and we will become partners in the future, as wine is a trust product.

Yours sincerely,
Közép-Magyarországi Pincegazdaság Kft.